Terms & Conditions


01. The company and the alottee will be required to execute the agreement to safeguard the interest of the alottee as well as the company.

02. Application for allotment of Apartment spaces should be made on the prescribed application from duly signed by the applicant along with the earnest money. The company has the right to accept or reject any application without any reason.

03. One acceptance of an application, the company will issue an allotment letter to the applicant. The applicants start making payment as per the schedule of payment. Allotment of spaces will be made on “first come first served” basis.

04. Payments of installments and all other charges are to be made on due dates. The alottee must follow the schedule of payment to ensure timely handover of possession of the spaces to the alottee by the company.

05. On completion and on full payment of installment and other charges and dues, the company will hand over the complete space to the alottee otherwise the possession of the spaces will remain with the company.

06. The alottee will pay stamp duties, Vat and other duties, fees, documentation charges, utilities connection charge, deed, commissioning charge and other expenses relating to Government etc. likely to be incurred in connection with deed of agreement of spaces. Only the actual amount shall be charged.

07. After taking over the space of the project, the alottee must consult the company prior to undertaking any layout and structural changes of Khaza City Apartment project. Failure to do so will be at the sole risk of the allotees.

08. The completion period of the construction of the project can be affected by un avoidable circumstances beyond the control of the company like natural calamities, political disturbances, strikes, changes in official policy of the state etc.

09. After registration of the Apartment space alottee will form a business owners association to manage and maintain the Khaza City Apartment building.

10. Additional extra works may be done on payments of actual cost plus 12% supervision charges.

11. The scheduled of implementation has been methodically prepared to ensure both high quality and smooth progress of work.

12. After completion of “KHAZA CITY” the apartment space will be registered in the name of the buyers individual.

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